Access this by clicking on the cog wheel in a guide and selecting "Publish Settings":

From this screen you can:

1. Copy the link to the guide
Only people who have access to the guide will be able to successfully see the guide.

2. Change the guide access from private to public. IMPORTANT: Changing the guide to public will allow anyone with the link to access the guide and add it to channels. Once made public, anyone can access the guide if they have the URL or it is published in a public channel.

3. Change the home folder. Click on the channel name after "Originally published in" to change the home folder.

4. Change administrators of the guide. In this section there is a list of people who have administrative access to the guide. You cannot remove administrators if they are administrators of a channel's home folder. You will need to change the home folder to remove them. NOTE: You can also change the owner of a guide from this list to someone else in the home channel.

5. Invite people to a guide. You can invite people to edit the guide (by clicking on "invite to edit" even in draft mode. Once you enter a person's name or email address, a short message field will appear. Once you click on "invite" they will be notified by email with a link to the guide.

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