Guides makes it easy to make guides accessible to many different groups and stakeholders by enabling guides to be published in multiple channels. Often guides are administered by more than one person, which makes the initial channel a guide is created in -- or the "home channel" -- very important.

Before creating a guide, think of the following items to determine which channel you should start the guide from:

  1. Who is the audience for this guide? Is it a specific team (like work, an association, club or group, or external partner)? If so, you may want to create a new team and a new channel for the guide.
  2. Who else may need to edit / manage this guide? If you would like others to collaborate or edit the guide, consider starting it in a channel they have access to, or creating a new channel for this purpose.
  3. Are there privacy / control issues? You may want to create a private "master" channel for your organization where core guides are initiated, but can then be copied in individual channels. For example, you could create a "master guide" in one channel, add it to a different channel, and then duplicate and edit it in that channel (and perhaps remove it after).

If you start a guide in the wrong spot or want to change the home channel, you can always update it in the guide publish settings.

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