To access channel members, click on the settings icon to the right of the channel name or the members icon.

If you click on settings, you will then need to click on Members on the left side navigation.

Note that all members of a channel can view a list of other members in a channel by clicking on the members icon. NOTE: the link only appears if the user is a member of the hub, not an external subscriber.

If you are the administrator of the channel, you can change a member's permissions or remove members from this screen.

If you are an administrator or the option to allow members to invite people has been enabled, you can invite new members from this screen by clicking on the "Invite People" link:

When you invite people to a channel you can enter their name (if they already have access to the account), or enter their email address. Note: Be sure to click on the blue box under the name to add their name or email. This enables you to enter multiple names / emails for invites.

You can als0o invite them as an admin (all people will be given admin access.. if you don't intend this, deselect admin and you can upgrade users to admin once they have accepted the invitation).

Enter a custom note to your invitation that will be included in the email invitation (optional) and click on the "invite people" button. Invited members will receive an email from you and a link to accept the invitation:

Note: You need to be a channel owner or administrator to use this feature.

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