Once you've created a channel, you have many options. Below is a screenshot of a channel with all the different options you have to manage the channel:

To the right of the channel title is:

  1. view link: this is a link to the channel on the Guides network if it is a public channel (there is no link if it is open or private).
  2. Channel Settings (admins only see this): Manage multiple settings including:
    - Name and description
    - Channel Type
    - Permissions (premium)
    - Custom domain (premium)
  3. Sorting: To change the order of the guides in the channel
  4. Members: To view all members of the channel
  5. Notify: To send a notification to all members of the channel

New guides, recently updated, and draft guides will have a tag on them. Note that only the author and channel administrators can see guides in draft mode. If the guide is not originally published in this channel, you will also see the subscription icon on the bottom left corner of the guide.

When you hover over a guide with your cursor, you will see guide options (the circle in the image above). From here you can:

  1. Options (cog wheel) icon: Only if you have guide admin rights, you can:Duplicate the guideArchive / Delete the guide
  2. Share icon: only if it is a public guide
  3. Bookmark icon: to save it to your personal bookmarks
  4. Subscription icon: To save it to other channels

Remember: You will need to scroll / hover over the guide to see the guide options.

To learn more about detailed features, you can find more information in the Guides Support Manual.

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