A list of all channels, as well as the number of members and guides subscribed to in that channel.

As the hub administrator, you can view and change the channel type for any channel except private channels that you have not been invited to. Only the channel administrator can modify these settings.

To create private channels, you will require a paid license for your hub.

Note 1: Making Channels Public - You cannot change the permissions of a channel to "Public" if it includes any private guides. This is a security feature to ensure no private guides are accessible outside your channel / network.

Note 2: Switching from Private to Open - If you modify a channel from "Private" (members have to be invited to access it) to "Open", it will be available and in the channel list of every member of your network. If you accidentally switched a private channel to open, see the next note.

Note 3: Switching from Open to Private - Once you switch a channel from Open to Private, all existing members will still have access to this channel (because it was in their account), however new members will not be able to see or access this channel (unless invited). To remove members from this channel, you will need to go to the main application, select the channel and click on members or channel settings to remove / manage member access.

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