Similar to permissions, users can have several roles depending on the context:


Members: Can access open channels, and private channels they've been invited to. Cannot create or edit guides, but can comment.
Admin: Can manage settings, channels, and members
Owner: Same as admin + billing information

You can customize whether members are able to create channels in the hub settings


Members: Can access guides (and add them if channel settings set to "anyone can add guides")
Admins: Can access, add, edit, remove guides and invite and remove members
Owner: Same as Admin

NOTE: Admins and owners can only edit guides that are "native" to this channel - not ones that are subscribed to from other channels


Users: A user can be an anonymous user who views a public guide or a guides user who is viewing a guide, but does not subscribe to it
Subscribers: A person who subscribes to a guide either through a personal or shared channel
Editors: Ability to edit information within and about the guide. Channel owners and admins have editor privileges of any guide that is created within the channel
Authors: The owner of the guide.

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